Q:  What is Tempi?

A:  Tempi is a Bluetooth portable device that measures temperature and humidity.  This information is then displayed on the Tempi App using your smart phone.

Q:  Bluetooth devices like Tempi have a range, so what is the range for Tempi?

A:  Tempi uses low energy Bluetooth 4.0.  The range of the Bluetooth is up to 100 feet (30 meters) depending on your surroundings.

Q:  Will Tempi still work if I’m not in Bluetooth range?

A:  Yes.  Tempi can store up to 30 days even if you are not in Bluetooth range.  When in Bluetooth range, Tempi will download the data from the Tempi device and send it to your Tempi App.

Q:  How can I tell if Tempi is connected to my smart phone?

A: In the main list of Tempis, it will show a “Connected”

Q:  Can Tempi display more than one temperature type?

A:  Yes Tempi can display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.  Tempi can also show both temperature types at the same time or one.  This can be in by…APP.

Q:  How often does Tempi read temperature and humidity?

A:  Tempi can read temperature and humidity immediately by swiping down on the Tempi app main screen.  If you don’t swipe down for the current temperature and humidity the app reads

Q:  What type of battery does Tempi use?

A:  Tempi uses the ubiquitous coin battery CR2032.  Battery life depends usage and on the Measurement Frequency setting in the Tempi app.

Q:  How can I tell when to replace Tempi’s battery?

A:  Tempi will notify you when the battery is low.  You can also check on the status of the battery by pressing the “insert battery Icon form App here” in the Tempi App.  To replace the battery, see the instructions’ manual (provide link).